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A Short Journey to Witness the Processing of Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty has always occupied a very unique position in the diverse and long-spanning history of tea. Although it is a type of oolong, it does not present any of the normal flavors we have learned to expect. It has a character similar to black tea, but also carries a stronger, almost umami-like flavor which furthers...

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Tall Tree Oolong Tea Processing - Part III

Since the previous steps are all about controlling the loss of water from the tea leaves, The next step - "waving" (浪菁) is about "retaining water".  Waving also serves another important function for the tea leaves, which we will discuss briefly after we illustrate how "waving" is done.    Different from the...

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Tall Tree Oolong Tea Processing - Part II

With the outdoor withering process being completed, the mass of semi-withered tea leaves is ready to be sent on to the next stage of the processing, which is referred to as "indoor withering". Before we begin to discuss the topic of indoor withering, it would be wise to talk a little bit...

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