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How We Recommend Brewing Our Teas!

It has come to our attention that some of our very delicious Taiwanese teas received a little bit of misunderstanding sometimes because we did not offer our own way of "knowing a new tea," so we felt it is necessary to write something about this matter. Whether you are new...

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A Short Journey to Witness the Processing of Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty has always occupied a very unique position in the diverse and long-spanning history of tea. Although it is a type of oolong, it does not present any of the normal flavors we have learned to expect. It has a character similar to black tea, but also carries a stronger, almost umami-like flavor which furthers...

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Tall Tree Oolong Tea Processing - Part III

Since the previous steps are all about controlling the loss of water from the tea leaves, The next step - "waving" (浪菁) is about "retaining water".  Waving also serves another important function for the tea leaves, which we will discuss briefly after we illustrate how "waving" is done.    Different from the...

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