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We try to source our material as naturally as possible. If the tea has the term "Organic" in its title, then its a material with organic certificate; if it has "Natural Farming" in its title, then it is organically grown without a certificate; if it has "Wild" in its title, then it is wildly grown; if none of these terms appeared in the title, then it is a conventionally grown material which will have applied pesticides and herbicide in a safe quantity.

Meeting "Frozen Sapphire"

Twisting and turning up the mountain, the road was but a narrow and treacherous strip of weathered asphalt. Whenever we stopped to let a car pass in the other direction, we held our breath, anxiously hoping the other car wouldn’t scrape across ours. Then, an auspicious sign appeared: a rare and majestic...

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Announcing Our Winter 2021 Teas!

As we wrap up our production of organic Taiwanese teas for Winter 2021 and look back, we're delighted with the wide variety of teas produced. These teas have special qualities that cannot be found in any other teas on the planet. Once the charcoal roasting of our Baigushan (白姑山) Winter harvest tea has been completed, the number of...

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How We Recommend Brewing Our Teas!

It has come to our attention that some of our very delicious Taiwanese teas received a little bit of misunderstanding sometimes because we did not offer our own way of "knowing a new tea," so we felt it is necessary to write something about this matter. Whether you are new...

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