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We know it is summer, and drinking a hot cup of tea might not be as desirable as it during the autumn or winter months.  As a result, an old dog decide to share his little secret of how to make an instant ice tea with your teapot.  As we all know, tea brewing is a matter of proportion, and if the proportion is correct, everything will be wonderful.  So in order to to achieve the perfect result, an old dog would like to ask everyone to have a glass beaker or glass cha hai ready for making the summer ice tea!


Step 1. Prepare a glass beaker (or cha hai) which is twice the volume of whatever teapot you are using. This teapot's volume is 125 ml, so our beaker's volume  is 250 ml.


Step 2. Have your beloved tea ready. The amount of the tea should be "doubled" from what you normally had with the hot tea brewing procedure. For example, if you use 8 grams of tea for a 125 ml teapot normally, use 16 grams of tea in this case.


Step 3. Insert the tea into the teapot, then pour boiled water into the teapot and wait for 10 seconds to wake the tea up.


Step 4. Pour the "tea water" that was in the teapot for 10 seconds into the glass beaker. The aroma molecule will now attached to the wall of the beaker. 


Step 5. While the tea water is still inside the beaker, pour the boiled water inside the teapot and wait for around 3 minutes.


Step 6. During this three minutes wait, it is time to put some ice into our glass beaker which already has the aroma molecule attached. Remember to discard the "tea water" inside the beaker before the ice is placed inside!


Step 7. This is not an actual step. But we can definitely feel the cooler temperature as this 3 minutes passed by. And of course, if stronger tea is needed, just applied more minutes to the brewing time. 


Step 8. The three minutes is here! Now let's pour the tea essence into the beaker that is filled with ice!


Step 9. As the tea is being poured, the ice inside the beaker will start to melt. Don't worry, the end result will be cool enough for everyone.


Step 10. Ta-Da! It's all done! Now here is our healthy homemade ice tea for everyone!


Everything just got a whole lot cooler this summer with our homemade ice tea technique. Now it is time for you to share yours with us!


As an old dog that got shaved due to the hot weather in Taiwan, this shall be the best treat for a tea lover and tea loving dog. An old dog's satisfied facial expression will tell it all.


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Darn, wanted to try this but failed miserably: I have no dog!
The other steps however worked great.

Aug 25, 2015


For ice tea I usually prefer cold brewing, I find the taste better but it also takes longer time to make :)

Jul 28, 2015

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