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We try to source our material as naturally as possible. If the tea has the term "Organic" in its title, then its a material with organic certificate; if it has "Natural Farming" in its title, then it is organically grown without a certificate; if it has "Wild" in its title, then it is wildly grown; if none of these terms appeared in the title, then it is a conventionally grown material which will have applied pesticides and herbicide in a safe quantity.

It has come to our attention that some of our very delicious Taiwanese teas received a little bit of misunderstanding sometimes because we did not offer our own way of "knowing a new tea," so we felt it is necessary to write something about this matter. Whether you are new to tea or familiar with brewing tea, we suggest everyone read this post first before brewing your next pot of tea to get the most out of it.


The ratio of tea should 3 or 4 grams per 100ml brewing device.  For a 200ml teapot we'd recommend 6 or 8 grams of tea.  If a scale is not available, use your fingertip to gently grasp the tea for two times, by doing so you will get a rough 6 grams.


Now to the brewing part. Remember your water must be fully boiled, a drop in temperature will fail to deliver the full potential of a great tea. Once the water is fully boiled, pour it into your teapot as quick and precise as possible. Gentleness is not what we are looking for here, because we are not trying to hinder the possible unwanted part through brewing technique. We want to get everything from the tea by the end of the session.


Let the tea brewed for 3 minutes for its first steep, then you are ready to know its initial character. For second steep it will be another 3 minutes, then try it again. By now you should have a quite accurate profile of what this tea really is, but don't dump the tea yet! Third steep will be our final round, and this time your have to wait for 4 minutes before pouring the tea out.


Crucial reminder, all these three steeps will need fully boiled water to fulfill the task, so remember to make sure your water is hot enough!


This is our tip for meeting a new tea. It's like meeting a new friend, but sometimes the right approach is necessary so a misunderstanding can be avoided. We hope this post will help you all, and feel free to leave any comments or questions for us!



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