Announcing Our Winter 2021 Teas! – Taiwan Sourcing

We try to source our material as naturally as possible. If the tea has the term "Organic" in its title, then its a material with organic certificate; if it has "Natural Farming" in its title, then it is organically grown without a certificate; if it has "Wild" in its title, then it is wildly grown; if none of these terms appeared in the title, then it is a conventionally grown material which will have applied pesticides and herbicide in a safe quantity.

As we wrap up our production of organic Taiwanese teas for Winter 2021 and look back, we're delighted with the wide variety of teas produced. These teas have special qualities that cannot be found in any other teas on the planet. Once the charcoal roasting of our Baigushan (白姑山) Winter harvest tea has been completed, the number of teas available from this season will be 17. That is an impressive number of teas, especially considering the recent weather conditions. Winter harvests typically yield less than Spring and Summer, but frosts in Taiwan this Winter resulted in a much more limited yield. Visit our 2021 Winter Oolong Teas page and explore these remarkable new teas!



Treasures of the Collection

Our intrepid team travels across the lofty peaks and misty valleys of Taiwan seeking the most rare tea leaf cultivars, often growing in remote and treacherous, yet pristine locations. With our deep understanding of traditional tea processing techniques, we are able unlock the full potential of these treasures, delivering an unparalleled tea drinking experience. One such treasure of the Taiwan Sourcing collection is Jade Dew.


“Jade Dew”

The teas from our “Jade” series are produced from a relatively uncommon tea leaf called Cui Yu (meaning “Emerald Jade”). Cui Yu oolongs are light and refreshing, almost minty, with a pleasant floral note. What makes Jade Dew unique is that it was produced in a season that experienced extensive green leafhopper activity across Taiwan. The resulting tea is a powerful and exquisite blend of the classic Cui Yu profile with a strong yet smooth bug-bitten flavor. We recommend this tea especially to anyone who enjoys our other Cui Yu teas such as “Aura Jade” or “Twilight Jade.” The brilliance of this tea is made especially clear when compared with its other Cui Yu cousins.

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