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The bug bitten "Lily Cream" is fully back in stock! This is a surprise lookback of an extraodinary tea. Enjoy friend!

Twisting and turning up the mountain, the road was but a narrow and treacherous strip of weathered asphalt. Whenever we stopped to let a car pass in the other direction, we held our breath, anxiously hoping the other car wouldn’t scrape across ours. Then, an auspicious sign appeared: a rare and majestic Mikado Pheasant alighted on a tree branch above the road. After passing a cool eye over our vehicle, he spread out his dashing, deep indigo wings and took flight up Baigushan, directing us towards the plantation that lay high up on the mountain.


Our Baigushan “Winter Rhythm” tea exhibits a creamy, umami flavor (think of a rich seaweed broth or pan-roasted mushrooms) with a deep, warming aroma. After trying this delectable and rare treasure of a tea, we decided to name it "Frozen Sapphire," for the majestic Mikado pheasant who led us up the mountain. Although this tea is most certainly from Taiwan, the bright colors and flavors could vie with a fine Japanese sencha. If you are able to try this tea, be prepared to change your idea of high mountain Taiwanese teas. 

To read the learn more about “Frozen Sapphire,” check out the full story here. This is our final tea for the Winter 2021 season. Stay tuned for the rollout of our Spring 2022 roster starting early next month!


Treasures of the Collection

Our intrepid team travels across the lofty peaks and misty valleys of Taiwan to seek out the most rare tea leaf cultivars, often growing in remote and treacherous, yet pristine locations. With our deep understanding of traditional tea processing techniques, we are able unlock the full potential of these gems, delivering an unparalleled tea drinking experience.  


We want to share with you teas from the Taiwan collection that we think are truly exceptional. One of these treasures of the Taiwan Sourcing collection is another winter rhythm tea that would be an excellent comparison to “Frozen Sapphire.”  Read on to learn about this special tea:


“Frosty Serpent”


“Frosty Serpent” was our first pick at this same farm, high up in the shadow of Baigushan. You may notice similar, subtle umami flavors in the “Frosty Serpent,” like a rich and delicate seaweed broth. Having gently aged now for 3 years, the flavors have mellowed and blended to cohere, now with a firm, mature finish that may almost taste like an aged raw pu-erh with a Taiwanese touch!


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