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We try to source our material as naturally as possible. If the tea has the term "Organic" in its title, then its a material with organic certificate; if it has "Natural Farming" in its title, then it is organically grown without a certificate; if it has "Wild" in its title, then it is wildly grown; if none of these terms appeared in the title, then it is a conventionally grown material which will have applied pesticides and herbicide in a safe quantity.

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The True Face of Da Yu Ling - Part III - The Da Yu Ling

Taiwan Route #8 is not a safe road for people to drive on.  Some sections of the road are too narrow to pass for two cars, but also landslides are common and the results are shocking to behold.    (Below: Landslide is a common "scenery" on Route #8.)   (Below: Sometimes...

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