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We try to source our material as naturally as possible. If the tea has the term "Organic" in its title, then its a material with organic certificate; if it has "Natural Farming" in its title, then it is organically grown without a certificate; if it has "Wild" in its title, then it is wildly grown; if none of these terms appeared in the title, then it is a conventionally grown material which will have applied pesticides and herbicide in a safe quantity.

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Yi Xing Clay - Part I

Before beginning the discussion of this topic, Taiwan Sourcing Team would love to ask a question first - "What's the purpose of using an Yi Xing Clay Teapot?"   Our first response is the obvious one, to make tea of course!  But we can also make tea in a mug, a...

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Why is it important to keep the stem while processing the tea?

Why is it important to keep the stem while processing the tea? There are two main kinds of Catechins present in the stem of the oolong plant. The first being epicatechin and epigallocatechin. The second being , epicatechin-3-gallate and epigallocatechin-3-gallate.  The former type is "free form" or "simple catechin", while...

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Oxygen Absorbing Packets in Tea

This small little thing you may found inside some of the teas you purchased from us.  It's called o-buster or oxygen scavenger.     As you may know, the preservation of tea is all about "humidity".  At the last stage of the tea processing, it is very important to make sure...

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