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European logistics is currently being affected by virus pandemic. Tea lovers from Europe please hold your desire to order Taiwanese teas until further notice. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is also affected as well. May the tea be with us stay safe.

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Yi Xing Clay - Part II

Since everyone understands the role and importance of a teapot for tea drinking, we should now consider the material of the teapot, which is the famous Yi Xing ore.  When talking about Yi Xing ore, most of the information you will find online only talks about its porosity, with little additional information. So...

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Yi Xing Clay - Part I

Before beginning the discussion of this topic, Taiwan Sourcing Team would love to ask a question first - "What's the purpose of using an Yi Xing Clay Teapot?"   Our first response is the obvious one, to make tea of course!  But we can also make tea in a mug, a...

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