Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black Tea - Summer 2017
Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black Tea - Summer 2017 Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black Tea - Summer 2017 Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black Tea - Summer 2017 Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black Tea - Summer 2017
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Jin Xuan was originally developed as a specimen for making black (red) tea due to its unique character in taste.  In more recent years, most Jin Xuan we encountered were made into "Jade Oolong" to celebrate its milky scent, even though it was developed for crafting small-leaf varietal black tea. But that milky aroma was often the result of weak withering process. A properly processed Jin Xuan jade oolong should contain a "mango-like" aroma. However, this Jin Xuan is a black tea, and a strong one from one of the most famous tea locations in Taiwan - Dong Ding. 


This Jin Xuan black tea is a completely different tea from the one from Alishan. Despite the very similar fruity aroma from this specific varietal, this Jin Xuan black tea now has an added touch from Dong Ding. It is a little bit roasted like teas from Dong Ding, and therefore giving it a stronger "presense" than the tender sister from Alishan. 



Harvest:  Summer 2017 / 夏 貳零壹柒

Varietal:  Jin Xuan / 金萱

Elevation:  800 M / 捌佰 公尺

Region:  Lugu / 鹿谷

Oxidation Level:  85% / 分之 捌拾伍

Roast Level: 1 / 壹分



 This tea is perfect marriage of Dong Ding, Jin Xuan varietal and Black tea processing.  It has a GABA-like taste at time, dried fruit notes and that unmistakable Dong Ding roasted taste.  This tea, although delightful right now will gain more complexity over the next couple of years!


  Thick rich aroma. Slightly roasted flavor that has a sweet finish. This is a simple yet pretty satisfying tea. I liked longer steeps around 3-5 minutes and enjoying a big cup to sit with and read.


 This is a tea that is very similar to our already listing Alishan Jin Xuan Black Tea, since it was made from the same varietal. What makes it different from the Alishan version is its aroma. The aroma of this Jin Xuan is way stronger compared to Alishan's tenderness. They feel like twin sister with different characteristics when compared side by side, and to say which one would better would be meaningless, because both are very enjoyable tea to an old dog's taste.