Malepa "Harvest" Jade Oolong Tea - Spring 2017
Malepa "Harvest" Jade Oolong Tea - Spring 2017 Malepa "Harvest" Jade Oolong Tea - Spring 2017 Malepa "Harvest" Jade Oolong Tea - Spring 2017 Malepa "Harvest" Jade Oolong Tea - Spring 2017
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This is probably the very first time anyone has ever heard of the name "Malepa". Normally this location will just be categorized as "Lishan" in high mountain jade oolong, and the this historical name would be forgotten under the fame of Lishan. Until now. 


Malepa is the name of an indigenous clan which belongs to Taiya tribe. This written history of this clan "Malepa" could be dated back to mid 19th century. It means "living at high place." Throughout the path of history, they have changed their location for at least five time. There final location settled at where it is now around 40 years ago, and the name "Malepa" was saved and used even til today. This tea came from where the tribe is settled, and we regret we did not obtain it in year 2016. 


Despite the overall awkward weather this spring, Malepa managed to stand out from lots of teas that were from higher elevation, and delivers an strong and powerful character, making this tea feel like an indigenous great "harvest" that was accomplished with Taiya people in the woods. 



Harvest:  Spring 2017 / 春 貳零壹柒

Varietal:  Qin Xing Oolong /  青心烏龍

Elevation:  1800 M / 仟捌佰 公尺

Region:  Malepa / 馬烈霸

Oxidation Level:  20% / 分之 廿

Roast Level:  0 / 無



 So smooth and green... it's like a suggestion at first and then grows into grass and fruit with a butteriness that glides over the mouth and down the throat.  Yun Wei (韵味) is the embodiment of high mountain Taiwan oolong.  Cha Qi is subtle an gradually moves into you, overtaking your state of being like a waking dream.  Comforting and dream-like.


  Beautiful crisp sweet aroma from the dry leaf in the preheatd Gaiwan.

First round at 195 was perfect...Like 30secs or so. Fresh and inviting with slight sweet nutty flavor.

This tea is unique in its aftertaste. The qingxin tends towards complex fruitiness which this tea has, but it also has layers of almond and maybe some grains. It also maintains it's high florals (especially when smelling the aroma from the lid of a gaiwan)...really lovely and comfortable potency as well. I've certainly never heard of Malepa, and I'm grateful to the old dog for introducing me 🙂


 An old dog could say this is one of the most impressive high mountain jade oolong to enjoy with this season. Every tea lovers know that an old dog already had lots of good jade oolong in his dog life, but an old dog still want to make some bold claim with this tea. An old dog already encountered the tea from this plantation last year and was quite impressed with how robust it is, but failed to acquire it before it was all gone. This year an old dog is very grateful that we got it for the world. The overall impression of this tea is like an old dog said, very robust and sweet with an aroma mixed with almond and fruit, just like how the name "Harvest" suggest. In short, welcome to the clan of Malepa!