The Pioneer:

In the mid 90's Scott Wilson graduated from the University of California with a degree in Chinese History and the same year made his first trip to China, spending more than half a year in China.  He returned in 1998 and spent more than 6 months living and traveling through Yunnan learning about tea and Yunnan culture.  In early 2004 he returned to Yunnan and just a few months later founded Yunnan Sourcing!

His company Yunnan Sourcing has since become an internationally trusted brand for exclusive high quality teas and teawares that ship directly from Kunming.  Having lived in China for over a decade with his wife and dog, Scott has made numerous trips to the Emerald Isle to enjoy its culture and its tea.   

With many years of loyal service to his international audience the time has come to expand into the highly sophisticated category of Taiwanese teas.  In the spirit of his current work in Yunnan, Taiwan Sourcing will offer a unique variety of high quality Taiwan teas, all of which will ship directly from Taiwan to tea lovers all over the world.  


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