The Local:


An artist at heart, Simon Chang is the tea purist needed to engage the modern Taiwanese tea industry.   Born and raised near Taiwan tea regions until his studies led him to the U.S. for college.  Due to nostalgia, Simon became an even more eager tea drinker.  His time in the States was utilized in cultivating his senses towards tea and tea ware collecting.  Thus enlarging his perspective as he shared the joy and sophistication with new and old tea drinkers alike.  


For Simon, it is about the quality of a product, and not merely its name.  With an open-minded character, he continually hunts all over Taiwan to taste and understand the different regions and production techniques involved within his chosen profession.  Exclusivity and sustainable practices are what he seeks out from the locals he deals with directly.


We at Taiwan Sourcing are proud to have such a skilled and passionate tea professional on the ground full time.