Taiwan Sourcing:  The Background, Mission & Vision

Taiwan is a beautiful island with sandy beaches, high mountain peaks, incredible cuisine, an inspired history and most of all amazing teas! For the last 100+ years the Taiwanese have been developing some of the most unique and refined tea cultivating and processing techniques in the world.  The characters for Taiwan Sourcing's name "Yu Zhi Yuan 嶼之源" literally means " the island source".  

The character "Yu 嶼" means Island (or more literally a mountain in the ocean) which perfectly describes the typical geography of Taiwan.  Taiwan is renowned for it's various tea mountains like the well-known Alishan, the classical Lugu area, or the dizzyingly high peaks of Li Shan.  

The character "Yuan 源" means Source.  We hope to be your source for unique artisan produced teas from Taiwan.


Our background and mission:

We originally founded Yunnan Sourcing in 2004, our mission was to provide high quality Pu-erh tea and other Yunnan teas to customers all over the world.  We take pride in "weeding out" the teas unworthy of our customers' time and financial expenditure, providing them with a curated selection of teas that won't disappoint.  With Taiwan Sourcing we extend that same passion and focused dedication to the Emerald Isle and the richness of its tea tradition.

Taiwan Sourcing is the result of a dynamic team with many years of experience in direct sourcing, tasting, and procuring.  We are proud to offer the teas we love so much to our dear customers and we hope that these unique artisan teas will bring you health and enjoyment!


The Story Deepens:  The Three Teamen