We ship directly from Taiwan to most all the countries in the world!  

    All the shipping methods we use require a signature at the time of delivery.


    Declarations and Customs:

    • If you need an invoice in the parcel let us know before ordering or at the time of ordering.
    • If you don't want an invoice in the parcel let us know before ordering or at the time of ordering.
    • If you need us to make any special type of declaration (for your Customs Agency) let us know before ordering or at the time of ordering.
    • We cannot be responsible for your Customs Agency denying entry or returning the parcel to us.  In such an event, shipping is not refundable and product re-stocking fees may apply.

    Shipping problems:

    • Lost parcels will be refunded if not delivered within 45 days after sending.  We ask for your patience and understanding while we work to solve this problem.
    • Damaged items should be documented by the recipient immediately after the parcel is received.  We will refund or replace them.
    • If your post office fails to deliver the parcel to you (and the address was written clearly as you indicated to us) shipping is not refundable.  Once returned to us in Taiwan we will contact you and arrange for re-shipment at your expense.  You need to be at the address at the time of delivery or arrange for someone to sign and receive the parcel.
    • If your parcel shows as delivered and you didn't get it there is nothing we can do.  If you are unsure about the safety of your mailbox and environs please choose the EMS shipping method as it requires a signature.  The flat rate regular shipping method does not require a signature!
    • **Delivery times stated are estimates and not a guaranteed delivery time.  Internationally shipped parcels must pass through China Customs and Customs of the destination country.  We cannot control or be held responsible for delays at Customs. If you are un-satisfied with service provided by your country's Customs Agency you (as a citizen/resident) should contact them and file a complaint.  Sometimes, a parcel will take longer than the stated estimated time frame. We are a separate entity from the courier/postal service delivering your parcel, and as such, we have no control over the speed at which they deliver parcels!

    Returns and Exchanges:

    • We will always send you what you ordered.  If a mistake is made we will send you the correct items at no additional expense to you.  We do however ask if possible we would prefer to combine with a new order (if you are planning to make one).
    • If we sent you the wrong items we may request that you send them back to us or to an affiliate of Taiwan Sourcing.  We would of course pay the postage for any such items.
    • If you are not satisfied with the items you purchased please let us know and we will work together with you to resolve the issue.  We recommend ordering the smallest amount of a tea to try first before purchasing a larger amount.  We can't guarantee that you will love every tea, but we do guarantee the teas will be delivered in good condition without any spoilage.
    • If you reject a parcel and send back to us to avoid Customs duties (or for any other reason) that's fine, but shipping is not refundable, and the cost of return shipping (back to Taiwan) and a 30% re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund.



    Special Note to EU Customers:
    From July 1st 2021 all shipments from outside of the EU will be subject to VAT regardless of the value (previously the VAT threshold was 22 EURO).   Please understand that Yunnan Sourcing LLC does not collect or remit VAT, Taxes, Duties, or processing fees!  These charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Please furnish us with your VAT Number or EORI number during the checkout process.  We will add this number to your parcel and invoice so that your Customs Agency will have an easier time locating you for the payment of VAT and fees.  Please understand that by agreeing to the terms at checkout you agree to pay any and all charges levied by your Customs Agency, postal authorities and/or courier (DHL, and others) AND that you accept any delays caused by your country's Customs processing procedures.  
    If you reject the parcel and send back to us to avoid Customs duties shipping is not refundable, and return shipping (back to China) and 30% re-stocking fee are the responsibility of the customer. 
    Should you desire to cancel the order before it is shipped you may do so but you will be charged a 3% cancellation fee.  We charge this fee because both PayPal and our credit card processor keep between 3%-4.4% when they refund a transaction. Thanks for your understanding.