Dazuan Organic Ying Xiang "Emerald Magpie" Oolong Tea
Dazuan Organic Ying Xiang "Emerald Magpie" Oolong Tea Dazuan Organic Ying Xiang "Emerald Magpie" Oolong Tea Dazuan Organic Ying Xiang "Emerald Magpie" Oolong Tea Dazuan Organic Ying Xiang "Emerald Magpie" Oolong Tea
$ 9.75

This is one of the most surprising oolong tea from this spring. Under the supervision of Taiwan Sourcing, we finally created a Ying Xiang varietal tea that properly demonstrates the potential of this varietal, and we think this is finally the tea that fits the meaning of its varietal name - "Welcoming Aroma" 


This is also the tea that proves "higher (elevation) is not always better".  What truly matters is the clean material and mature understanding of processing both of which are embodied in this tea. This Ying Xiang is cultivated in Dazuan, a place which only has an elevation of about 350 meters. You will not be able to tell the elevation is that "low" thanks to the mature processing technique and refined drying from charcoal roaster (which is the same on all our other oolongs from this season). The plantation is being properly managed by Mr. Yang and his family, and our processing works perfectly with their material.


The result of our hard work is a pungently aromatic rolled oolong tea with a soup that is strong but not overstimulating to the body. This tea makes you feel colourful yet relaxed from head to toe.  This tea's green and lush character reminded us of a Taiwan Blue Magpie, its feathers reflecting back the emerald lush forest hues of it's habitat. Since tea cannot be blue, we can only name it "Emerald Magpie" to fit its appearance better.  



Harvest:  Spring 2018 / 春 貳零壹捌

Varietal:  Ying Xian / 迎香

Elevation:  350 M / 參佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Dazuan / 大庄

Fermentation Level:  25% / 分之 廿伍

Roast Level:  0 / 無





  The aroma is pungent without being overpowering. Rich thick vegetal floral qualities with an undertone of baked goodness. The taste is very similar, to my satisfaction haha. The body has a rich baked veggie and buttery flavor that develops well on the palate and in the body. Affordable and tasty, really.


 Nobody will not like this tea, period. An old dog is way too proud to see the birth of this oolong. This tea carries the heritage and experiment of what we did on our Paguashan "Overlord" from last winter and this spring, but we were a little uncertain with this material at the beginning to be honest. For this tea we did not intend to roast it as strong as "Overlord," so at first even we could not predict exactly if it was appropriate to use the same processing theory to a tea that did not need a strong roast to finish like "Overlord." Turned out the worry is unnecessary, and you will see such theory is applied everywhere later on in the "lighter" oolong we are presenting. This "Emerald Magpie" is beyond pleasant to begin with in the morning, and an old dog wish it can drink it anywhere at anytime.