Gaofeng Organic "Nectar Noon" Oolong Tea
Gaofeng Organic "Nectar Noon" Oolong Tea Gaofeng Organic "Nectar Noon" Oolong Tea Gaofeng Organic "Nectar Noon" Oolong Tea Gaofeng Organic "Nectar Noon" Oolong Tea
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Like "Alluvial Angel" of this winter, which is a Jiayang high mountain oolong tea, this "Nectar Noon" is the winter version of our "Citrus Noon." We went to make this tea to find out the seasonal difference between winter and spring. Notice that this tea does not have a autumn version like "Alluvial Series" has, so it really made us wonder how the winter Gaofeng will taste and feel like.


We encountered less problems this time thanks to Mr. Chen's full support. The factory understood our "unusual routine" of tea processing this time, so they simply did their usual work as we did ours. If you are not familiar with this "unusual routine" mentioned in "Citrus Noon," please click the link to to read about it!


With the processing knowledge re-discovered again, we were more amazed than anyone to realize the winter tea performed very differently from the spring version just like our "Alluvial Angel" from Jiayang. The aroma of this draft tea was so pungent and nectar like it even attracted a month to suck it while we were tasting it. It will continuously strike a nectar aroma (not bug bitten nectar) into your mouth and nostrils with a satisfying finish in the throat, so "Nectar Noon" naturally became a perfect name for this winter wonder.


Like all the tea that is properly fermented, this tea will bring that calming and comforting effect people often only found on GABA tea to the whole body, so don't be fooled by its high elevation nature! 



Harvest:  Winter 2018 / 冬 貳零壹捌

Varietal:  Qin Xing Oolong  /  青心烏龍

Elevation:  1500 M / 仟伍佰 公尺

Region:  Wushe Gaofeng / 霧社 高峰

Fermentation Level:  25% / 分之 廿伍

Roast Level:  0 ~ 2 / 無 ~ 貳分





This tea from the initial scent has a quality that makes you want to savor it, that beautiful floral nectar aroma. The light roast has a slightly sweeter more crisp wet leaf scent, but both have that underlying nectar quality. A nice 3 min steep at near boil in my evaluation vessel is just so tasty, thick and rich, with an exceedingly enjoyable body feel. Pure and clean layers of fruit and floral flavors. The light roast has a grain sweetness in the body that makes it stand on its own. It's quite the light roast, definitely nuanced. I have to say I really like these teas and would serve them to anyone to get them into Taiwanese teas. That comforting yet bright fruitiness is really a joy.


 "Nectar Noon" shows a very different character from its spring cousin in a delightful way, and even nature itself was convinced. While we were doing the final tasting at the noisy tea factory, an old dog carelessly dropped a tea drop with a porcelain spoon next to this moth which happened to fly by, and beyond everyone's imagination, this mini moth began to suck that tea drop an old dog offered with a crazy speed. Apparently the moth mistaken the tea as some sort of nectar at the night. It eventually flied away as a regular moth, but this mini guest was a true witness of how amazing this tea is to the tea world, because what we realized later, was that the aftertaste of  this "Nectar Noon" resembles a lot like nectar from the flower, and that explains why the little creature was so crazy about it that night. This tea does not need an old dog to add more useless thought, because the nature already did at that night!