Hua Gang "Emerald" High Mountain Jade Oolong Tea - Winter 2015
Hua Gang "Emerald" High Mountain Jade Oolong Tea - Winter 2015 Hua Gang "Emerald" High Mountain Jade Oolong Tea - Winter 2015 Hua Gang "Emerald" High Mountain Jade Oolong Tea - Winter 2015
$ 76.00

From the "rear" part of Li Shan area, Hua Gang is considered as one of the "higher" elevation areas of Li Shan.  The area is cold most of the time so planting tea here became an obvious agricultural activity. "Hua Gang" is also a name for a very famous tea factory in Taiwan which sold their tea at a very high price mostly to the PRC market. Fortunately, our Hua Gang not only has a better price, but also delivers the unbeatable "Hua Gang" quality, superior to many other so-called "Hua Gang" oolongs.


Thanks to the superb quality from the plantation, this tea delivers a very strong overall feeling that makes it very distinctive.  The drinker will immediately sense how strong this tea is when boiled water was poured into the teapot with it.  The pungent aroma and crystal clear body reminds us of a rare and precious gem, thus the name "Emerald".



Harvest:  Winter 2015 / 冬 二零一五

Varietal:  Qing Xing oolong /  青心烏龍

Elevation:  2300 M

Region:  Hua Gang / 華崗 

Oxidation Level:  25%

Roast Level:  0

Best Time of Savouring (Reference Only): Summer 2016 ~ Winter 2020



 Incredible beauty in a tea!  Starting from the dry leaf, large tight rolled with that emerald green color and creamy vegetal sweetness.  When hot water meets the tea the aroma is voluminous, pungent and sweet.  Goes many many rounds... you easily forget about it's finiteness.  


 This is exactly what I want when it comes to Lishan tea. Beautifully complex aromas and flavors that evolve with many steeps alongside the tangible uplifting spirit it bestows. Rich and buttery, yet sweet and floral...a true delicacy of the winter harvest that I highly encourage you to delve into.


As an old dog that has a very sensitive nose, this tea "terryfied" an old dog when he was making it. "Powerful" is the only term that came up to an old dog's brain. An old dog was able to instantly grasp the scent molecule of this powerful tea. As one of the teas from the Li Shan section, this Hua Gang will definitely be one of the best representations of Li Shan Jade Oolong this Winter.