Paguashan Wu Yi Natural Farming "Imperial Knight" Oolong Tea
Paguashan Wu Yi Natural Farming "Imperial Knight" Oolong Tea Paguashan Wu Yi Natural Farming "Imperial Knight" Oolong Tea Paguashan Wu Yi Natural Farming "Imperial Knight" Oolong Tea Paguashan Wu Yi Natural Farming "Imperial Knight" Oolong Tea
$ 5.50

Since the end of 2017, we have been working relentlessly with this particular plantation due to it magical material, and together we have produced teas such as "Overlord" and "Nectar Earl" into the world. The autumn harvest of this plantation, however, was always a tough barrier to cross as a tea processor.


Summer teas, such as "Wu Yi Organic Black Tea", are already a significantly rare season for production but an autumn tea is probably even rarer. In the industry, autumn harvest is a common practice among many farmers and is often sold as "early winter tea" (this is especially true in the high mountain jade oolong industry). Not only is the production much higher, the cost is cheaper as well, and therefore it is easier for a consumer to find winter tea with an unbelievably low price tag. This plantation has had the same harvesting plan every year. Unfortunately, despite our numerous attempts to deliver this harvest to you each year, the quality was always insufficient due to the sheer quantity of material we had to process. We had almost given up hope on ever being able to bring an autumn harvest to the people who love Overlord. Until now.


Thanks to the discovery of a new processing method in the summer of 2021 used for teas such as "Aura Jade", we were finally able to produce tea on a larger scale without losing our signature character. This "Imperial Knight" is the result of three years of development without compromise. It is time for the plantation of Overlord to ride forth, to go further and beyond!



Harvest: Every Autumn / 每逢秋時

Varietal: Wu Yi / 武夷

Elevation: 450 M / 肆佰伍拾 公尺

Region: Paguashan / 八卦山

Fermentation Level: 35 % / 分之 參拾 伍

Roast Level: 4 / 肆 分





An aromatically beautiful, delicious modern Wuyi tea variety experience. The roasting is on point with depth and character, really love it. It feels like the right kind of medicine for both comfort and clarity. Exactly what I look for when the morning is cool or afternoon finds me weary. Grateful for this kind of affordable gem.


 As an old dog of Overlord, this tea makes an old dog the "Imperial Knight," and that sounds very cool. The reason why an old dog wrote such text done a year before was due to the relaxing effect this tea has. It is at the time the most affordable but super "feel-able" tea to an old dog's nerve system. After more than a year of aging this tea proved itself to be something an old dog and the team had been longing for. A properly made Wu Yi varietal autumn tea without flaw.