Puli Shan Organic "Warm Elephant" Black Tea - Summer 2019
Puli Shan Organic "Warm Elephant" Black Tea - Summer 2019 Puli Shan Organic "Warm Elephant" Black Tea - Summer 2019 Puli Shan Organic "Warm Elephant" Black Tea - Summer 2019 Puli Shan Organic "Warm Elephant" Black Tea - Summer 2019
$ 13.50

This year is very special. We finally got a chance to process Shan varietal first hand under the Support of Mr. Guo. If you don't know what Shan is, it is a wild-grown Assamica varietal from a province of Burma called Shan (禪). The varietal was brought to Taiwan in 1930s century to compete with Japanese black tea development in Taiwan by Mr. Guo. 


For decades this "Shan" varietal obtained a reputation for being tasty black tea material, but In the end 1970s such reputation begin to fade away with the rising of high mountain jade oolong. Eventually, with the collapse of export market, the aroma and taste of such black tea gradually disappeared from the world. As a result, the tea trees grew wild without intervention for the next decades, which made the process of organic certification very easy to achieve!  The tea trees are healthy with deep root systems and  growing in a natural bio-diverse environment.


With our philosophy and careful evaluation, this batch of "Taiwan Sourcing made" Shan black tea will be a completely new experience to what you thought you knew about black tea. We also learned a lot of new understanding of black tea processing with this tea under the assistance of Mr. Kuo. The overall character of this black tea is wild yet mature, and the body warming effect is very noticeable. We hope this "Warm Elephant" can make people notice how unique Taiwan's tea culture is to the world,and how Taiwan has some of the most interesting taste to offer. 


Current Status: Quantity too low 

Harvest: Summer 2019 / 夏 貳零壹玖

Varietal: Shan / 象

Elevation: 600 M / 陸佰 公尺

Region: Puli  / 埔里

Fermentation Level:  85% / 分之 捌拾伍

Roast Level:  0 / 無







 We finally made a "Shan"  black tea with our own hand, and we did some really bold attempt while processing this tea. Mr. Kuo was quite worried how we push the withering time this long, and why we kept "waving" the tea. For black normally it does not and should not go through any waving process. Despite his concern, this tea was pushed to a limit that nobody expected could be, and transformed into a unprecedented result even Mr. Kuo was surprised. The tea was not doomed under our "unconventional approach," but turned into a wonderful existence in the tea world. This "Warm Elephant" has a hint of chocolate in it, and with proper aging it will certainly be even tastier than what it is in 2019, so don't forget to store some of this tea for future enjoyment!