1980s Zisha Bamboo Basket-Style Tea Jar
1980s Zisha Bamboo Basket-Style Tea Jar 1980s Zisha Bamboo Basket-Style Tea Jar 1980s Zisha Bamboo Basket-Style Tea Jar
$ 179.00

These jars came from a wholesale warehouse that used to sell Yixing Factory One products. While Factory One was still prosperous and thriving in the 1980s thanks to the booming economies in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the factory was also manufacturing samples for wholesalers to evaluate its production quality. These tea jars were created for such purpose at that time, and luckily they were still preserved until today after decades of sitting in storage.


Interesting tea jars are rarely found in today's market. Unlike teapots that are still in high demand and can be easily sold for a high price, tea jars are items that producers are more reluctant to make because of their lower value estimation. Moreover, due to the rarity of Yi Xing material, the incentive for producing tea jars is even lower. This is why Yi Xing tea jars are not a common sight in today's tea-ware market.


With our Taiwanese oolong teas which were processed to be stored for a very long time rather than instant consumption, it is our mission to deliver proper tea items like this to our supporters. It is always more practical and harmless to store tea in a regular glass or plastic jar, however we believe that these interestingly designed items can carry a much more tasteful experience for enjoying our teas.



Mineral: Qing Shui Ni  / 清水泥

Mineral Location: Huang Long Mountain / 黃龍山 (Yi Xing County, Jiangsu)

Firing Temperature: 1180 c / 壹仟壹佰捌拾 度

Contrast Rate: 10% / 分之 拾

Bottom Stamp: Hui Xin Jun Made / 惠新君製

Volume:  Can contain roughly 200 grams of fully rolled oolong (e.g. Dong Ding) or 90 grams of semi-rolled oolong (e.g. Baozhong).