Miaoli Certified Organic Huang Xin Oolong Black Tea
Miaoli Certified Organic Huang Xin Oolong Black Tea Miaoli Certified Organic Huang Xin Oolong Black Tea Miaoli Certified Organic Huang Xin Oolong Black Tea Miaoli Certified Organic Huang Xin Oolong Black Tea
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After years of hunting, we hae finally solved one of the biggest mysteries of our long tea journey. The "Huang Xin mystery" from 2018 finally has a satisfying answer, and this plantation is that answer.


Back in 2018, we were not able to determine if this commonly called "Huang Xin" (黃心) varietal is technically a "Huang Xin Dah Pan" or "Huang Xin Oolong," “Dah Pan” and “Oolong” being larger varietal categories. All we knew was that the varietal was called "Huang Xin," and nothing more. We finally found a plantation that grows this particular varietal in the summer of 2023. After research, including studying official photo records from TRES, we solved this mystery that had been haunting us for 5 years. This varietal is officially recorded as "Huang Xin Oolong," but it is often simply called "Huang Xin" by the local tea farmers. As time went by, the official name was eventually forgotten by the locals, thus leading to much confusion.


Like many of the ancient varietals we are trying to discover and retain, this Huang Xin Oolong is an endangered varietal in today's aroma-oriented environment. Huang Xin Oolong was once the most commonly grown varietal before the collapse of Taiwanese tea exportation for the production of black tea. As the market demand shifted towards highly aromatic and stimulating teas, people gradually forgot the charm of a deep and profound tea body found in ancient varietals such as this. Thus this plantation is truly a living fossil still leaving a trace of that glorious past


We noticed an unusual character during the processing of this varietal which no other varietal has ever demonstrated. It has a distinctive "stimulating element" even during the withering stage, kind of like a spice. Moreover, the varietal’s refusal to wither suggests why most farmers decided to let go of it - it is more than stubborn to work with. 


What makes this black tea quite different from other black teas is that we applied a more traditional method to finish the drying process. Instead of using the more commonly seen machine which dries leaves on a conveyor belt, we used the barrel-shaped "killing green" machine to finish the drying process, causing this tea to bear a distinctive profile that we had never observed before. Perhaps this was what ancient black teas would taste like with the assistance of modern technology, or maybe it is simply how this varietal should taste when made into black tea. We wish that your soul may be soothed by its warming tenderness, and may the tea be with you all.



Harvest: See Options / 見選項

Varietal: Yellow Heart Oolong / 黃心烏龍

Elevation: 300 M / 參佰 公尺

Region: Miaoli / 苗栗

Fermentation Level: 85% / 分之 捌拾伍

Roast Level: Run Dry / 走乾



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