Our Imperial Grade Lalashan Tea Wins a Cupping Competition in Taiwan! – Taiwan Sourcing

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We are not big fans of competition tea, and neither are we superstitious about it.  But upon learning that our Imperial Grade Lalashan Jade Oolong won a cupping competition in Taiwan, we could not resist the urge to share the good news with everyone. According to the latest news our (now) competition winning Lalashan is being sold for 16666 NTD ($540 USD) per Jing post competition!

The good news is, you don't have to pay 16666 NTD ($540 USD) for our refined Lalashan (since we bought it pre-competition)!  For a fraction of that price you will enjoy one of the most exceptional Jade Oolongs of your life. 


It is the right time for some high-end Lalashan Oolong Tea. Photo taken at Lalashan Plantation. 


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